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People who come to me often say that:

  • They have already tried everything, but they aren’t feeling better.
  • Doctors keep telling them that nothing is wrong.
  • Their physical therapy has ended and they still aren’t back to 100%.
  • They don’t want to take pain medication for the rest of their lives.I believe that our bodies are not being treated well in our modern healthcare system. There are more comprehensive ways of addressing pain and limited mobility. Instead of considering pain as an isolated incident, we need to look at how each part of the body relates to the rest. At Being in Balance Physical Therapy, sessions are one hour of hands-on treatment and customized exercise instruction. I will take the time to listen to you. Together, we will develop a specialized plan to address your pain. You will leave our sessions empowered with techniques to take care of your body and to return to the activities that you love.

    I have been a physical therapist in a wide variety of clinical settings for 19 years. I utilize neurokinetic therapy, a problem solving approach to identify unhealthy movement patterns, to assess how your body functions. Advanced hands-on techniques, including myofascial release and craniosacral therapy, gently facilitate corrections.

    Contact me to discuss your concerns on the phone or for a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION.
    1498 Solano Ave Albany, Ca 94706

    A recent client recommendation:

    “The best help for my recovery from hip and knee replacements over the last 2 years has been physical therapy by Jennifer Benton. Even at the first session, I noticed her perceptiveness in evaluating the particular details of my recovery situation. There are general programs for post-op rehab, but real progress is much better when the PT makes adjustments specific your unique network of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. Jennifer has always been attentive and skilled in selecting techniques that best address my needs, but now she has added a new level of competence. Her training in an assessment technique called Neurokinetic Therapy allows her to precisely locate orthopedic structures that are not properly activated by the nerve pathways that control them. (Surgery can disturb and confuse the normal function of nerve and muscle.) Exercise plans targeted to address these subtle issues have been surprisingly effective for me, and have produced much better results than the generic exercises commonly prescribed. I tend to be very skeptical about unusual therapeutic methods, yet my direct experience of Jenniferʼs technique has been absolutely convincing. You will get more out of this method if you are willing to take an interest in how your body works and how you need to help it improve. In all the usual matters you would expect in a health provider, Jennifer is tops. She is dedicated
    to her work, cheerful and positive in support of the patient, and effective in communication. Iʼm fortunate to have had her help toward good recovery.”
    Robert D.

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