Dr. Terri Bechtel-Greenberg is the owner, founder, and clinical director of Bechtel Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, California.  She and her staff of 25 (including 8 other Physical Therapists) treat patients of all ages and have worked with all manner of professional and amateur athletes and A-list entertainment industry elites.  (More details about Terri’s practice and her extensive CV can be found at bechtelpt.com.)

Terri is well versed in all aspects of manual orthopedic physical therapy and utilizes many cutting edge techniques and modalities in her practice. NeuroKinetic Therapy is one of the sharpest arrows in her  clinical quiver and she uses it with all of her patients.  In fact, she is obsessed with NKT and studies it constantly.  She also runs the Southern California Level 1, 2, and 3 study groups; assists various weekend NKT seminars; and has already started 4 of her staff PT’s on their NKT journeys.

Dr. Bechtel-Greenberg can be reached by email (terri@bechtelpt.com) or text (at 818.404.3690).