Heather Arnett is a movement educator and performer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She combines NeuroKinetic Therapy, gait biomechanics, and Structural Integration with Pilates to help clients maximize their movement potential and minimize pain. Heather’s favorite part of her work is helping people find confidence that they didn’t know they had.

An anatomy nerd with an obsession for the Integral Anatomy approach to dissection, Heather is a lab assistant for Gil Hedley at the Institute for Anatomical Research in Colorado Springs and her ongoing study of human forms is a life-long commitment to refining her palpation skills and understanding of the interconnectedness of all the body’s tissues. #somanautforlife

Heather earned an M.S. in Kinesiology from Western Illinois University in 2003, certified as a Laban Movement Analyst in 2006 and completed Body Arts and Sciences International’s (BASI) comprehensive Pilates certification with dance specialization in 2009. Heather has studied extensively with Lori Coleman-Brown (Atlas Pilates, Seattle, WA), Andrea Maida (San Diego, CA), Gary Ward (Anatomy in Motion/AiM) and Tom Myers (Kinesis Myofascial Integration, Walpole, ME).

You can find Heather at Contrology Studio SF in San Francisco, at her home studio in Oakland, on-demand content on YouTube, and live online teaching weekly classes in Pilates and gait biomechanics. Register for all online and in-person appointments for Pilates, NKT and AiM at