Pain To Performance Solutions provides solutions for decreasing pain, resolving injuries and improving sports performance through neurological based bodywork, functional personal training, corrective exercise and yoga therapy. What sets us apart; in most situations we assess, test and evaluate. We don’t guess in order to provide the root cause of your symptoms. We also use clinical red light therapy and guided PEMF.

We accept a wide range of bodywork-massage therapy clients-patients for therapeutic massage, clinical massage therapy, relaxation, advanced pain management, rehabilitation injury cases and sports performance, lymphadema, lipedema, burn victims, cancer recovery, pre-post surgical recovery (joint surgery and plastic surgery) and weight loss surgery. We also accept auto accident PIP cases, Labor and Industry injured workers on the job for medically necessary treatment. Alexis Kurtzman LMT (LMT,LMTI, NKT MMP, CPT, CES, RYT) is the manual therapist on staff in Bellevue, WA. and is certified in numerous services offered.