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I am a manual and movement therapist who specializes in restoring biomechanical function (NeuroKinetic Therapy-NKT), increasing joint range of motion and force production throughout an entire spectrum of movement (Functional Range Conditioning-FRC), releasing nerve entrapment (NeuroFascial Release-NFR), and osteopathic visceral manipulation, all of which I utilizes within the framework of massage/bodywork, movement assessments with manual muscle testing, pilates, yoga, and other somatic explorations. My goals are to make each client functionally optimal-reducing pain and increasing performance. I am a LMT, a certified pilates instructor, and a registered yoga teacher.

I am also endorsed in the state of WA to perform intra-oral techniques that are incredibly effective at addressing TMJ disorders, headaches, as well as compensatory patterns within the body.

I am known by my clients to be intrepid, intuitive, caring, genuine, humble, curious, technical, artful, a craftswoman, creative, knowledgeable, and the one I appreciate the most out of every adjective and description of me I’ve heard: trustworthy. From the onset, I am trusted by clients. I work mindfully to cultivate a safe and trusting space for both myself and for you to be able to feel secure in the treatment/work being done.

I resonate equally with the scientific and energetic realms of bodywork, yet focuses mostly on what seems to connect all aspects, all realms-what is tangible to all people: fascial work and movement.

“I’m a complicated client with a disease that causes a lot of skin and fascial scarring and thickening and nerve and muscle dysfunction. Sarah’s massages have always left me feeling more mobile, and when she has targeted specific areas of pain or tightness, has made huge improvements where many other providers and therapies have failed. Of particular note, I have swallowing and reflux problems that prevent me from ever lying down and her neuro-fascial work improved this issue overnight that doctors have said nothing can be done for. Also, her straight up feel-good massage is darn good too. Enjoy! You won’t be disappointed.”

“Sarah continues to amaze me in the way that she uses multiple methods to find the root cause of my aches and pains. She encourages me to take an active role and has taught me simple exercises for home that have done wonders to minimize my discomfort. Unintended benefits include better posture and a flatter abdomen – without sit-ups! Sarah gets my highest compliments and respect.”

“I see you as someone who cultivates meaningful specificity rather than many therapists who perform wandering generalities.”

“Sarah has so many modalities to draw upon to accurately and quickly assess your issues (so often they are NOT what you think is causing your pain), and help you feel better and get stronger right away: Neurokinetic therapy, massage, Pilates, and more. Whether you’re trying to get up out of bed or up the mountain, she can help!”

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